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Kim and Pat


Who we are:

Two sisters, Kim and Pat, grew up playing make believe together. A local artist helped put their fond memories of make believe on canvas, which they reproduced on durable, cleanable vinyl that can be removed and moved to a new location, if needed. The vivid color palettes of the murals came from the Victorian era houses, often referred to as Painted Ladies, where their dreams took place.

Your daughter or granddaughter will feel like she is living her own storybook fantasy surrounded by these dreamy life size backdrops. The mural designs are inspired by the memories of special ladies from the sisters’ childhoods. 

Any of the murals can be customized with your special young lady’s name or initial. Any color combination is possible.  Explore the possibilities.  Wonderful things can happen when a young girl is living in her own fairy tale.

What we do: 

2 Painted Ladies creates murals for your little girl to grow from infant to tween by simply changing the furnishings. Our life size murals are hand painted, digitally printed on washable and strippable vinyl. 

2 Painted Ladies was started by Washington, D.C. designer, Kim Christie. After installing many hand painted one-of-a-kind murals, she imagined that murals could be digitally reproduced onto wallpaper for a fraction of the time, effort and cost. Kim designed the trompe l'oiel architectural designs for little girls' rooms. The designs are first painted on canvas by a local artist, then the digital image is printed on wallpaper (in the USA). Designs are flexible to accommodate various room sizes, wall heights... and can be personalized with your little girl’s name, initials and colors.

What we need:

2 Painted Ladies is looking for talented mural artists. Interested? We’d love to hear from you.